Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everly Fawn: 5/26/11

She is finally here. I say this as my one and a half year old is screaming her head off in her crib, not wanting to go to bed. She's been in there for an hour crying off and on. She's not adjusting as well as I thought she would. The temper tamptrums have come out in full force.
We are so in love. I have been waiting forever for her, and when I saw her face she looked so familiar to me. It was as if I had always had her and from that second on I can't imagine her not being in my arms. She's perfect. She seems so frail compared to how Arrolyn was. Her little legs are my favorite. I can't wait to spend forever with her.

Birth Story:
I decided to induce at 39 weeks because she was scaling on the large size, and I didn't want another baby as chunky as Arrolyn. I arrived at the hospital at 6 am. We got pitocin going, and then I felt two contractions, and got an epidural. From then on I was in labor until 6PM when it was time to push. I felt no pain during active labor, although I couldn't feel my legs at all, which scared me. When it came time to push, I pushed for 30 minutes and she was out. Perfect little pink baby. This labor was a lot easier, practically pain-free. I can't believe it's over already. I can hear her waking up as we speak so I must be off!

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