Sunday, June 27, 2010

Diaper review

We're a fan of Pampers, not a fan of Parent's Choice, and now we've tried Luvs and they're actually amazing! Sounds grody, but if your baby pees in them and you feel the diaper, it literally soaks into the diaper and doesn't just sit on top like parent's choice. Which if you think about it, saves you more money in the long run and keeps your baby's tush nice and dry. Luvs gets an A+ from me!

they can't roll off the floor...

So my baby rolled off the bed last night! ATTN parents: if your baby can roll, be careful if you co-sleep!! I was half-asleep (usually how I sleep every night) I hear a thud, and she was on the hardwood floor. Luckily she is OK after a call to the doctor, but in the future...she is sleeping in her crib. Poor hunny.

On a side note, we discovered Creole Tomato salad dressing. Ryan is obsessed with making his own peanut butter, and I re-did my hair. My birthday is on Wednesday, and we're going to spend the night in a cabin in the woods. So excited.

On my wishlist for my birthday...


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I so love these in all white. Must have!

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