Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions: Halfway point.

These were my resolutions 6 months ago..

My new years resolutions:
1. Go on more vacations
2. Spend more time outside
3. Have more date nights
4. Do more yoga
5. Take more pictures
6. Consume less, create more
7. Celebrate each day
8. Blog more have I done.
1.We haven't gone on more vacations, well...I take that back. We did go camping. It's hard to go on "lots" of vacations though. 
2. Yes we are ALWAYS outside. 
3. We definetely have not gone on more dates...This is something that surely must change.
4. I always do yoga. I didn't do yoga for the last 2 months of my pregnancy because it was just too uncomfortable, but I can't wait to start again.
5. I started taking lots of pictures then got distracted by life. I'll get back on this one.
6. I'm definetely still consuming the same amount of media/etc. This is something I also need to get to working on.
7. I do try to celebrate each day. It's an ongoing thing.
8. Check!

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