Saturday, June 11, 2011

So busy...So tired...

I've basically been living on coffee and 4 hours of sleep. I'm awake every 2 hours to feed the baby, and a busy toddler during the day makes for no naps either. It's also exhausting bc no matter what, I can't just sit in the house with Arrolyn. I've got to get her outside or doing something everyday. I'm currently drinking a glass of wine, listening to my newborn fuss and my toddler roll around in her crib not wanting to sleep. I wish everyone would just go to sleep! It's bedtime! *sigh* This has been a lot harder than I ever expected. Going anywhere is especially difficult and time-consuming. We were going to call Everly by her middle name, Fawn, but Everly seems to come more natural to us. So Everly it is! Anyway, here is some pictures!

Spitting image of her daddy! Playing with hats...
A little scared of the baby crying.
Cute little cheekies.
Cute little feetsies.
Too bright! We have to keep her around the sunlight to try and get rid of the jaundice.
So sweet.
Arrolyn's new book about baking bread-like her daddy.
Where does she get those lips from?!
Little sweetie and my sexy man.
Gotta keep her entertained somehow! Playing with momma's jewelry.
Big yawwwwwn.
Hah, had to add this one.
Andddd that's me.

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