Thursday, April 7, 2011

32 Weeks pregnant...

How far along? 
32 weeks

Baby's size and development ?
3.75 lbs!

Changes in me?
I'm ready to crash for the day @ like 4 pm. Def miss having energy to do things around town. Even going to the grocery store is exhausting.

Maternity clothes? 
ballet flats, flipflops, and my trusty long black maxi

Good usually, but last night Arrolyn was really sick with a cough and cold so I woke up every hour...literally.

Best moment this past week? 
Gardening, Taking it easy

I still can't tell when she is most active, it's pretty consistent throughout the day

swollen ankles after work, swollen everywhere actually, HUNGRY! waking up in the middle of the night STARVING. easily tanning/burning while outside.

donuts, chai tea, guacamole

What I miss? 
lying on my stomach

What I'm looking forward to? 
Strawberry fest on Sat if Arrolyn is feeling better.

Ready to garden!

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