Friday, March 4, 2011

27 Weeks

How far along? 
27 weeks.

Baby's size and development ?
2 lbs!

Changes in me?
I have to use my belly band to help support my stomach bc it's so HEAVY!

Maternity clothes? 
Maxi maxi maxi

Like a brick.

Best moment this past week? 
Working at Fifis during Mardi Gras is a blast!! Getting wigs, and doing costumes for Fat Tuesday.

Very regular. She sleeps most of the day, and wakes up around 4pm.

Just lower back pain, it's hard standing all day. The doctor said I'm carrying REALLY LOW as well, which puts added pressure on the lower back, not to mention I have a feeling she's going to be just as big a baby as Arrolyn was. Besides that, I'm going pretty good.

Icy juice pops, chai tea

What I miss? 
Ice cold beer

What I'm looking forward to? 
Dressing Arrolyn up for Mardi Gras!

Currently? Sleepy..

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fascinating journey, thanks for taking us along!