Thursday, January 27, 2011

FashionWeek: S/S 2011- NINA RICCI

In addition to all the hoo haa about all of the crazy bright colors, I really liked this Nina Ricci collection. I love all these pieces, I don't see any of them going out of style. The color pallette is quite gorgeous.

Such a gorgeous shape.

Interesting detail in the top and I'm head over heels for the shorts.

Love the sweet nudes with the delicate lace trim.

I don't know what this top is made out of, but it's iridescence is spectacular.

Same sort of fabulous material.

Again. And I love this high neckline.

This jacket...KILLS me.

I'm a sucker for minis and I love this pop of color.

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Christy said...

Love this entire collection, then again I've always liked Nina Ricci.