Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lovin raybans right now. I have my mint colored ones, which would be perfect if I could just get my hands on some mint colored nail polish. Essie seems to be the only people that make it though! Went to the thrift store today, got some amazing slouchy shirts, and a shearling jacket! Even though it is 100 degrees around here, I can wear it next winter. Also, we bought a Jenny Jumper that connects to your doorframe and you put the baby in it and they jump it out! Unfortunately it doesn't work on our frame's, since they are so old, which made me way more upset then her. Now I'm listening to serious crying in the other room while she's trying to get to bed. Oh, we also bought a glo-worm. Glass of wine and jambalaya, that's how you do it!
Tomorrow, gardening!
Also, I'm seriously crushing on these bloomers.

I keep coming back to add more things butttt...

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